New Trends of Kitchen Remodeling

With the kitchen being the most pivotal room in your home, it is not a surprise it is also the most recouped remodeling project you can embark upon.  Whether you are dealing with 30-year-old floors, appliances, counters, ceilings or in inefficient workspace, there are many ways to update and love your space.

The traditional kitchen is fading and a new, transitional kitchens with quartz counters, wood floors, specialized cabinets and clever efficiencies are making customers very happy.  What trends are we seeing now and possibly into 2016?

Transitional Kitchens

While open kitchens are certainly gaining popularity, traditional homeowners are reluctant to tear down  walls on the first floor. Whether it the cost or the stability, they are leery. Transitional kitchens address those concerns easily.

Transitional kitchens blend a functional layout with a dining area, a comfortable living room or even an outdoor space. With its open look, this type of kitchen allows easy flow from one room to another. Islands are staples in transitional kitchens as they provide a prep area and casual sit-down conversation.

Clever Storage

Customers beg for more storage!  I have this junk — and they show us their drawers full of cookbooks, cutting boards, or closets with those appliances they use twice a year… Yeah, we all have those! Popcorn popper, all-in-one-chopper thingy and those round cupcake on a stick makers. We are installing clever storage options for those savvy homeowner, such as:

  • Corner cabinets or Lazy Susans
  • Freestanding pantries
  • Bookshelves
  • Slender pullout cabinets
  • Rollout trash bins
  • Shelves or magazine files behind cabinet doors
  • Multi-tiered drawers
  • Built-in chopping blocks
  • Hidden docking stations to charge electronics

White & Gray Cabinets

According to Houzz’s 2014 Kitchen Remodeling Survey, 49% of their 3,500 users said they are choosing white kitchen cabinets. White is the dominant color for kitchen cabinets in 2015 and most likely, will remain steady for years to come.

Gray is making an appearance as the new color as it flows as a neutral look matching the rest of the home.

Quartz Counters

Not only is the countertop where we prepare  our food but it can also be the gorgeous focal point to any kitchen.

There’s no better or more popular kitchen countertop option than quartz counters. Nonporous and resistant to heat, quartz countertops are resistant to spills and scratches, making them a smart choice for families or busy cooks.

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