About Chester County Kitchen and Bath

Chester County Kitchen and Bath strives to make your home more inviting.

We make recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

And above all else?

We want you to love what we help you bring to life.

“Dream projects” are within reach — when you choose the right partner.

For more than 25 years, Chester County Kitchen and Bath has served discerning clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Because we are an entire company, rather than one person or a group of contractors, we see the big picture. We know remodeling from the inside out. And we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every client we have the pleasure of working with.

Chester County Kitchen and Bath assigns a project team to your remodel. This team is courteous, communicative and, of course, experienced. We also assign a project manager. This is the person who ensures that your calls are always answered and that your questions, concerns and needs are always addressed. From start to finish, you have someone who has you on their remodel radar.

There are important differences between an ordinary remodeling project and a remodeling partnership with Chester County Kitchen and Bath:

it’s about putting you first, and never needing to chase us down

we don’t just have a couple of jobs under our belts — we have thousands

consistency in the level of materials we offer and best-practices for remodeling

our three-phase process addresses our clients’ needs and keep remodels on track

long after your remodel is complete, we continue to offer advice, tips and recommendations to our clients via our website and blog posts