How to Survive a Remodel

Remodeling is a stressful process it is worth it in the end! Keep stress and mess to a minimum with a few tips from the CCKAB pros.

Communication is critical

  • Pre-construction communication is essential. Establishing guidelines helps to eliminate tension or disputes during the renovation will keep the project on track.
  • Determine who the primary and secondary construction contacts are and post their numbers for easy access.
  • Work with your project manager to determine the construction timeline.
  • Establish daily work start and end times. No, you don’t have to make us coffee or chocolate chip cookies!
  • Clarify who is responsible for your house key/alarm system, and identify everyone who will have access to them. State your concerns. Pets, school age children, etc.
  • Understand what the daily cleanup process includes to help keep dust to a minimum.
  • Communication is key, keep us informed if anything going on during the remodel is upsetting or bothersome to you.
  • Communicate to the workers:
    • where they can park
    • if bathroom facilities are available
    • if and where they can smoke
    • how loud they may play a radio
    • identify clean up area
    • decide where and how pets will be confined

Packing up

  • Please pack up all items in your existing cabinets, drawers and closets before your remodel.
  • Use this process as a way to de-clutter or donate.
  • Decide where you’re going to store furniture and boxes during the renovation.
  • Be selective on the kitchen essentials- coffee machine, toaster…
  • Although not environmentally friendly, disposable plates and utensils are convenient!

Living in the chaos

If it’s not feasible to pack up and move in with your sister or mother-in-law during renovation, determine how you can make life as comfortable as possible.

  • Set up a temporary cooking area with your microwave, crock pot (Recipes anyone?) toaster oven and coffee maker. We can try and move your refrigerator into another room as well!
  • Convert the laundry sink or extra bathroom sink into a dishwashing station. If it is the summer, get the kids out there with the garden hose. We can’t be responsible for water fights or mud puddles!
  • Storing necessary kitchen or bath items in covered tubs help keep them clean.
  • Have a quiet space to escape.
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