Master Bath Remodeling Must-Haves

Ceramic Tile Shower

Ceramic-tiled showers have endless design options, but also prevent humidity, are easy to clean and prevent fungi and mildew.

Multi-Head Shower
Bench seating and multiple shower heads can turn a shower into a room of its own.

Two Sinks

With double sinks and vanities, each person can enjoy their own space in the bathroom. Plus, you can tell who needs to keep a cleaner sink!

Separate Toilet Room

A separate toilet room or alcove is a must-have for shared master bathrooms. A little privacy if you please.

Walk-In Closet

Every master bathroom should also contain the largest closet in the house. Keep everything organized, displayed and easy to get to with a spacious walk-in closet.

His-Her Towel Racks

Have your own space and his-her towel racks for clean, dry towels.

Extra-Large Romantic Bathtub

Although many people opt for a larger 2- person shower, bathtubs are still in. Sit back and relax after a long day with an extra-large bathtub.

Lots of Counter Space

Take advantage of a spacious bathroom with plenty of counter space. Added inset holes for hairdryers and brush cups etc. can really keep things clutter free.

Lots of Cabinet Space

You can never have too much cabinet space and storage.

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